Friday, June 01, 2007

Iron Maiden Can Teach Us a Lot About the Outcome of the Ecker-Foot Softball Game Last Night

On this battlefield no one wins. --Iron Maiden

A tie? A freaking tie? Are you kidding me?

Yes, despite the game starting late, and despite there being a couple minutes left in our allotted field time, and despite there being no game on our field after ours, and despite there still being more than enough daylight left, the umpire decided to end the game at 7 innings despite the tied score.

There's a phrase to describe this sort of softball situation to which you might only be privy if you were a grizzled Beer League veteran like myself:

"That fucking blows."

The ambiguous outcome aside, our individual performances went pretty much as expected. Kevie dribbled out to second (me), dribbled out to first, popped out to me and played unremarkable in the field.

I went 3 for four, with 3 runs scored - though I fully expect Kevie to solely focus on my first AB in any comment he may make on the game:

Though I will say in my defense that the ball I took for the second strike would have been called deep by just about any other umpire I have experienced in this league. And no, I'm not whining about the umpiring (though there were many legitimate reasons to do so - see above). As the game wore on, I noted he was consistent in calling deep balls strikes, so I adjusted accordingly and reached on my next 3 ABs.

For those keeping score at home, I got 0 total bases against Kevie's "pitching." He didn't pitch. I did get 3 total bases against the guy who did pitch, and it could have easily been more if A) that deep liner down the left field line I hit in the 4th didn't just barely land foul; and 2) the umpire hadn't stopped the game, as I was due up in the eighth.

Also unlike Kevie, I put on a defensive clinic.

Unfortunately our 2 squads don't meet again until next year. So my complete and utter outplaying of Kevie in every aspect of this game will have to suffice for smack until then.

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