Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steal This Post

OK. I'm in CLE hell again. And, to make matters worse, I have this annoying, stubborn, industrial strength super-booger lodged up in my right nostril that simply refuses to be torn from its mucusy nest. No amount of blowing, cajoling or picking (politely, with a tissue, of course) can dislodge this beast. I may take a little time later to really root around up there.

So being that I am preoccupied with legal enlightenment and my booger, I call upon you, the good citizens of this electronic treehouse we know as KAR-Nation, to point out the obvious, glaring Fecke-sized flaw in this guy's opinion piece (of crap).

I know you're afraid of the comment threads here. But I assure you, they've been scrubbed of all trolls, dweebies, dickheads, licknobs and twerps. Except for Chad.

And while this particular article has to do with (what else?) why we should tax ourselves into oblivion, the big error is more of a logical one (and maybe a little factual too - as is always the case when one wields statistics as a blunt instrument like this aviation professional does) than a misapprehension of economic realities.

But, if you want the economic angle - and more statistics - we'll put the call out for the Good Perfesser as well:

Sure, I could have done another Open Thread for Sisyphus, but that would cheapen the franchise (scarcity, people!). Can't go to the well too often, and all that.

Plus the Big Guy needs his rest between gigs.

Have at it.

UPDATE: Wow. Y'all need a little more coffee? I thought this one would be pretty easy...

UPDATE 2: You people make me sick.

UPDATE 3: OK. Here's a hint. The big, gaping, chasm-like hole in flyboy's "argument" can be found in this paragraph:

The commonly accepted measure of economic growth is the Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP). You can get the truth about tax cuts and economic growth by comparing the different decades. If tax cuts were an economic miracle, you would expect to see more economic growth in the decades of tax cuts and slower growth when taxes were increased.

UPDATE 4: The booger has been extracted. Repeat: The booger has been extracted.

UPDATE 5: Yoohoo? Bogus Doug? What's wrong with the aviator's analysis?

Where's Doug? He's usually pretty good at these things...

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