Sunday, June 24, 2007

Up The Fever Swamp Without An Airboat

Not that I enjoy sending traffic over to Soros-funded leftyblog Minnesota Monitor, you understand.

But I'm curious.

Like most lefty blogs, Minnesota Monitor draws a crowd of really twisted commenters. It's hard (like on most leftyblogs) to pick the biggest, weirdest, most bizarrely twisted one of the bunch. So I'd like your help.

Read this thread. And then vote for which Minnesota Monitor commenter is the biggest wackjob:

  • "Grace Kelly", who seems to work for "ConspiracyMart": "2) How many people remember that a third building fell on 9/11? 3) How many people know about the issue of two shadows on the moon photographs and how that challenges the fact of lunar landing?"

  • "Phoenix Woman", a woman (?) whose writing sounds red-faced and screechy, who writes: "Notice that conservative network FOX does not claim to be more truthful -- instead, it claims to be "fair and balanced". In other words, they don't believe in truth -- or rather, they hope to convince you that there are no such things are hard, objectively knowable facts, because as Stephen Colbert points out, "Reality has a well-known liberal bias".

  • "Dora", who believes that the media are really really conservative: "Conservatives understood how important it was to control the media and started on that path many years before Bush 43 came along. "

Vote below:

Which commenter at Minnesota Monitor is the biggest wackjob?
"Grace Kelly"
"Phoenix Woman"
"Dora" free polls

Hiring Eric Black to "class up" the MinMon is like spraying Lysol on roadkill.

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