Thursday, July 19, 2007

If You Insist on Pointing Out All the Stupid Things I Do, Then I Guess I'll Just Stop Doing Stupid Things

NOTE: As many of you may know, Jeffie the Wingnut Slayer's personal blog has been suspended by his host since the beginning of this week. I am certain that I am not alone when I say that his overstuffed hubris-laden brain-dead musings were a rich vein of material for many prolific ThunderJournalists. As a public service to the blogging and ThunderJournaling community, I will attempt to fill the void here and channel his voice to provide you, the discerning ThunderJournalist / ThunderJournal consumer, something to mock.

Finally, we have conclusive proof that womyn are more intelligent than men. The only reason that you don't find as many womyn in university math programs or the engineering field is because they've merely been acting dumb to get sex:

The 2004 blockbuster "Mean Girls" portrays an intelligent and beautiful high school girl pursuing a relationship with the stereotypical hot jock. To steal his heart, she deliberately fails math tests so she can get the jock to tutor her.

More recently Disney got in on the act with "High School Musical," in which Gabriella Montez attempts to cover up her intelligence to get Troy Bolton, the star basketball player.

But girls dumbing down to avoid scaring off the guys of their dreams is hardly just the stuff of movies or popular television shows like "Desperate Housewives." It happens in high schools all over the country

Now, I have always known that womyn were the intellectual superior to the male of the species. Indeed I have written many a post proving that a disproportionate number of females went into helping professions like nursing and psychology, not because they tended to be disinterested in math and the hard sciences (like global warming), but because of the broad, pervasive and institutional sexism the patriarchy has had in place since the beginning of the world.

It looks like the joke's on us, fellas: they've been playing us the whole time.

But girls dumbing down to avoid scaring off the guys of their dreams is hardly just the stuff of movies or popular television shows like "Desperate Housewives." It happens in high schools all over the country.

Do the girls really think guys don't notice?

"I think you can tell [when girls are acting less intelligent] just by the way they're talking to you, because you can tell it's fake," said Jordan Hinck, who is headed to Missouri State University in the fall

Just admit it Jordan you wingnut: you got pwn3d by a bunch of glorious wimmin who wanted to exercise their right to use you as their sexual plaything! You got so torched, stupid wingnut! Heh-deedy!

An article posted on, a popular teen website forum, lists young men, parents and the media as possible reasons young women think they need to dumb down to be attractive.

Hinck said television shows like "I Love New York" portray females in a demeaning manner, but he thinks girls are not generally affected by it.

"It's how media has evolved and how music artists portray themselves," Hinck said. "You can tell it affects how people dance, but a lot of girls don't let it affect how they act in a normal environment."

Well, duh. Everything is demeaning to womyn. Except me. And if any glorious wooomyyn find that attractive, you can contact me through e-mail via this blog. also had a survey showing that 35 percent of girls have essentially dumbed down because they fear a guy would be intimidated by their intelligence. Hinck agrees that this percentage sounds feasible, but Bergsten thinks the number is far too high.

And this vindicates This Reporter's corpulent cromulent observations over the past several years on this topic. Wimmin really are superior to men in every way, and should immediately be installed in all positions of power regardless of merit or character (you can find my e-mail on the sidebar, ladies). I am just your humble servant who happened to have been cursed with a penis.

KEEP ABORTION SAFE AND LEGAL!!!!!!!!! (Remember to e-mail!)


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