Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mail From Moron

[NOTE: Due to the low summer traffic levels, the following post has been outsourced to a vendor in Pu Ping, China as a cost-saving measure.]

OK! What you say Mr. Moron Person?

Lori Sturdevant, in her July 22 column, had it dead wrong about the DFL endorsement for Senate. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer and the committed activists who are supporting him for his possible Senate campaign are not merely the "supporting cast." We are activists who have yet to be convinced of our powerlessness in a democracy.

Oooooooo. Mr. Whiny Crybaby "not yet convinced" he "powerless" in America democracy. Why he think that even possibility? Because finge politician he always vote for in prefecture caucus always get 1% of vote, I think.

Tell you what Mr. Poopy Diaper Letter Man, why not you come to China and see what "powerless" look like. If you activist and speak up about something that not party line, tank come and squish you.

If that not bad enough, you can't even flee country because of 7 levels of airport security. And if that don't stop you, bitchy annoying super clean-shaven American businessman in front of you in line will!

Jack may not raise as much money as Al Franken and Mike Ciresi, but if he chooses to run, he will be raising the issues and the campaign to a different level of honesty and passion. If he runs, the DFL endorsers, and then the voters of this state, will be enriched by the chance to pick the best candidate, not just the best fundraiser.

Yes, much better to have system where no money involved. Like China. You are told who to vote for, and then you vote for them. Very cheap!


[EDITOR'S NOTE: KAR believes the author was executed before finishing this post. On the bright side, maybe we won't have to pay the vendor now.]

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