Friday, July 20, 2007

New Item

Five minutes to the first pitch. A beefy middle-aged man toting a bratwurst and a beer navigates the narrow row to his seat. The 12 blue eyes of the six buxom blondes seated behind him are drawn, then transfixed by his shirt. It's design, at once simple yet migraine-inducing neatly conceals 20 years worth of beer paunch while maximizing the exposure of his thick, manly chest hair. All the blondes want him. All the men want his shirt.

The Ginney Dago Goombah Shirt - the 100% artificial fibres make it last a lifetime. The maximum-chest hair exposure makes the ladies want to share it with you. Sizes XL to XXXXL. 3 for $7.99.

*EXPLANATORY NOTE TO FULLY UNDERSTAND JOKE: You may know the man modeling the Ginney Dago Shirt as Mark Yost - published author, noted stadium critic, WSJ lifestyle reporter and local Brooklynite. The guy sitting to his right is J. Peterman, of the catalog fame. The real one, not the one on Seinfeld.

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