Monday, July 23, 2007

Shocking Revelation in Strib Bachmann Bio

Whilst perusing the Strib's profile of Michelle Bachmann which ran in yesterday's Strib, I found myself stunned and speechless when I read this (emphasis mine):

Blogs, YouTube and Photoshop have added a new level of scrutiny to politics, and a new level of alertness to Frederickson's job. The irony is that her strict vigilance only plays into the hands of people such as Ken Avid0r[k], a regular contributor to a blog called Dump Michele Bachmann. (www.READMYBLOG!.

"Bachmann's people are very secretive," said Avid0r[k], a 52-year-old Minneapolis comic artist, who said he is driven by Bachmann's lack of support for public transportation

That twit is 52???? A mere 7 years younger than Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo????

I had him pegged at 15, tops.

How sad.


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