Monday, July 02, 2007

We'll Get Through This Together

I have alarming news:

Haloscan - the site that handles this ThunderJournal's commenting and trackback - is down!


Please try not to panic. We here at KAR are well aware that the flood of comments we get every day are the spiritual nutrition that keeps much of the population on an even keel. I'm sure that right now there are literally thousands of folks out there hammering on their mouses trying to click on the trackback link that tragically does not appear. The throngs wandering zombie-like through the corridors of their offices, aimlessly searching for a temporary outlet for the comment that they must post - NOW.

Please do not panic. I'm sure haloscan will be back up shortly. Until that time, pray. Pray for those who are unable to vent on this ThunderJournal. Pray for yourselves, so that you may find something - be it drugs, sex or outbursts of senseless violence - to fill this gaping void in your lives . Pray for haloscan. Pray for KAR.

Indeed, pray for the world.

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