Friday, July 13, 2007

Who needs the first amendment?

Not prolifers according to Gaila Hagg Oleson of Black Earth, Wisconsin.

Parenthetically speaking – this broad most definitely has the right name, “Hagg.”

Get a load of what my nominee for “Queen Bitch of the Year” thinks about prolife billboards (with some added emphasis from me):

Even though I live in Wisconsin, I was born, raised to be independent, and educated to think for myself out on the prairies of southwest Minnesota ... and that's where my prochoice heart lies.

[Conclusion: If you are pro-choice, you can consider yourself inedpendent and educated to think for yourself. If you are prolife, you are a brainless robot brainwashed into thinking women are nothing but baby producing machines.]

So on July 3 after my 16-year-old daughter finished a tour of the University of Minnesota Duluth and we continued our trip south on Interstate Hwy. 35 to Minneapolis, it was with great sadness that I noticed that mile after mile we were being bombarded with conservative prolife billboards along the interstate

[As someone who makes that same trip several times a year I have to ask, “What the fuck is she talking about?” Prolife America (formerly Prolife Minnesota) has billboards placed along the freeway, saying one is “bombarded” is an illustration of a guilty conscience. I’ve never counted – next time I will – but there can’t be any more than 6 such billboards between Minneapolis and Duluth. Even if there are 100, what the fuck business is it of Mrs. Hagg? Is it the number she objects to, or the messages such as: A baby’s heart is beating 18 days from conception. It’s hard to kill something with a beating heart, isn’t it HAGG?

…only to be followed the next day by the headlines in the Star Tribune telling the story of how some Minnesotans are dumping their unwanted newborn babies in rivers.

[Nice misrepresentation HAGG bitch. Read the article, one murdering wench killed two of her newborns and the other came from a second "mom." HAGG BITCH would like us all to believe that moms are standing on the High Bridge waiting their turn to toss babies into the Mighty Mississippi. And she wants us all to believe that Prolife signs on Highway 35 are to blame. Mighty fine logic. I hope your daughter has more brainpower.]

Those billboards have to come down.

[Nice solution HAGG BITCH: Don't like the message, piss and shit on the first amendment. Here’s a better idea, let’s outlaw all prolife groups. You can start by burning down the MCCL headquarters and then move on to Prolife America. After that you can toss a firebomb into Catholic Charities. There must be dozens of targets. When you're done, you and your merry band of baby-killing proabortionists can dance around the corpses of all who dared to disagree with you. Wouldn't that be a blast?]

As an aside, I feel sorry for HAGG BITCH’s daughter. Unlike mother, she’s not going to be given the same opportunity to be independent, and educated to think for herself.

Mommy Dearest doesn't tolerate differeing opinions well at all.

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