Friday, August 03, 2007

And Just Like That...

...The left-wing douchebag-a-tariat's chief (and still classless in its timing) meme, that a lack of (over)taxation killed the St Anthony bridge, is vaporized by the searing heat of reality:

Officials were concerned that drilling thousands of tiny bolt holes would weaken the bridge. Instead, MnDOT launched an inspection that was interrupted this summer by unrelated work on the bridge's concrete driving surface.

"We chose the inspection route. In May we began inspections," Dan Dorgan, the state's top bridge engineer, said. "We thought we had done all we could, but obviously something went terribly wrong."

Dorgan said there was enough money in the agency's budget to pay for construction work on the underside of the bridge. But he and Gov. Tim Pawlenty acknowledged that transportation officials will face tough questions about the state's upkeep of the bridge, which has had known deficiencies since 1990

It's amazing how stupid you don't look when you wait to hear the whole story.

UPDATE AND BUMP: And the hits just keep on coming.

In a just world, the likes of Tinklenburg, Spot the Retarded Dog, NonMonkey and that smarmy blob of shit Fecke would pay a price for shooting off their mouths half cocked and (per usual) uninformed as they have.

Unfortunately, they'll ignore it ever happened and continue polluting the civic discourse with their fetid brain poopings.

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