Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bridges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bridges!

NOTE: Enhance your enjoyment of this post by reading it while you listen to KAR's official rant music.

Labor crisis not withstanding, I've decided for my own sanity to stop writing about that confounded bridge for a while (and yes, that was an obscure Zeppelin reference). The rhetoric surrounding the issue has become so deeply deeply stupid, so malinformed - and I think in most cases, willfully so - that there's absolutely no point to it any more. The morbid douchebags on the left continue to leave their brains idle in the corner while trying their damndest to hang the disaster on the GOP despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Instead these ghoulish pigs plug their ears, pretend this information isn't out there and offer the simplistic solution - the same solution they have for everything - to raise taxes. Even though the causal connection between "No New Taxes" (left unsaid in all of these stupid information-free columns is that the Old Taxes have doubled the state's revenue in the last 20 years) is at best tenuous, it doesn't keep public scolds and partisan activists from blowing right past the facts - facts like those stated above as well as others including:

* It wasn't a money issue according to the state's leadiing bridge guy;

* Traffic issues from performing a massive reworking of the bridge must be factored in before we go around tearing up bridges willy nilly - especially the St. Anthony. Often the impact on traffic flow is just as important a factor in decisions relating to road repair as is the cost. Of all the lefty know-it-alls spouting off on this, I have seen this acknowledged nowhere;

* Other bridges around the state (and country) with much lower ratings than the St. Anthony haven't been falling down.

But it takes so little brain power to lay the blame on the guy who happens to be in office at the time (especially if he's GOP) than to actually fire a fucking synapse.

Also left unmentioned by these lobotomites is how exactly a 5 cent increase in the gas tax is going to be used. Will it be used to upgrade all the "structurally deficient" bridges (a term that has been abused, misapplied or at best misunderstood by all of them) to "structurally impenetrable" ones? Is 5 cents enough? Is it possible to buy perfection? Why not jack up the tax to $10 per gallon and replace all the bridges every 5 years? It's about ssfety and good government right? Can you really put a price tag on public safety?

Oh don't look so smug you people on the right. Privatizing bridges and roads is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Tollways? When Foot's doin' 80 on the interstate, Foot don't want to have to stop every 2 miles to throw loose change into a basket (if and provided that he remembered to bring some) just so he can get to Roseville. I don't care if the tollway between Bumblefuck Colorado and Outer Bumblefuck Colorado is nice. Ever drive the Tristate tollway? No thanks. Keep it Illinois, where they deserve such inconveniences. Roads are a legitimate functionof the government. If the drooling moonbats you send to the legislature would rather through state money at St. Paul so it can keep it's "underutilized" "community" "centers" open, then it's time to throw the drooling moonbats out of office. Not fuck with what is one of the few efficiencies government can provide.

And I'll just close on this note. No post about the abject stupidity surrounding the bridge thing would be complete without one of the stupidest voices in the whole matter represented.

Remember when NonMonkey said that it wasn't too early to politicize the bridge collapse?

Why, yes. Yes you do.

Well today, according to Nick, while we don't need to wait for the mourning to end to take shots at the governor, it is imperative that we take our time replacing one of the most vital stretches of freeway in the state.

I shit you not.

Good night and good luck. With drooling morons like these forming / representing public opinion, you'll need it. Wake me up when the morons are dead.

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