Wednesday, August 15, 2007


James Gennaro is a complete and total freedom hating Son of a bitch. You can find a picture and bio of the fucking prick here.

To hell with bridges, this goddamned, cock-sucking, fudge-packing, wipe now wants to ban smoking in cars if kids under the age of 18 are on board.


In Rockland County, which in June approved a measure to ban smoking in cars with minors, critics called the law an invasion of privacy and a violation of personal liberties. Mr. Gennaro dismissed those arguments.

"Boo-hoo," he said. "You can't subject kids to 43 carcinogens and 250 poisonous chemicals and claim privacy. Get over it. Their right to privacy doesn't extend so far as to poisoning kids."


Where do you get off painting people with legitimate concerns as whining babies?

“I am just seeking every opportunity I can to denormalize smoking and to try to put it out of the reach of kids,” Mr. Gennaro said. “I’ve lost family members to lung cancer and I’ve seen what happens.”

This jerk is going to come into the homes of New Yorkers next. He’s going to approve of kids who turn in mom and dad for sucking down a Marlboro.

Screw the whacked out Islamists.

The enemy is within and Genero is on their team.

LEARNEDFOOT SEZ: Good to see that you had a chance to unwind and relax during the strike, D. Poetry does tend to have a calming effect.

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