Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to the ThunderJournal!

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the invention of the term "ThunderJournal". In the ensuing 364 days from it's inception, the term ThunderJournal has taken the internet by storm. It literally revolutionized the way Ryan and I refer to our internet based publishing media outlets. Dozens of people have been exposed to the word ThunderJournal since that fateful day last August, and the popularity of the term continues to pick up steam because of the wicked awesome coolness of it.

But I fear that there may be some out there that continue to refer to themselves as "bloggers" (var. "bah-loggerrrrrssss") even though they may actually be better described as ThunderJournalists.

So as a public service to those who are confused about their identities, and in celebration of ThunderJournal's first birthday, I have composed an online personality inventory, so you can determine for yourself once and for all, whether or not you should be referring to your weblog as a ThunderJournal.

As you can see from my result below, this quiz is pretty accurate.

Are You a ThunderJournalist?

You are a ThunderJournalist! Congratulations, you have achieved the highest evolutionary stage of online publishing. Light up a cigar, grab a beer and bask in your accomplishment a while while sitting on the can.
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