Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moron Mail: Happy to Laugh More at Those Happy to Pay More For a Better St. Paul

Ha ha ha! Hee hee hee! Ho ho ho!

What's wrong with this picture? Gov. Tim Pawlenty says "no new taxes." St. Paul taxes will increase at least 7 percent next year to pay for necessary services. St. Paul would like to hire at least 13 new police officers. To accomplish this, one of the cuts will be recreation centers.

Hmmm. Hire more police, close rec centers; the kids who used the rec centers can hang out on the streets, where the new officers can arrest them for various infractions.

Er, it's not like they're using those rec centers anyway.

Are we all nuts? No new taxes will kill us yet, and I don't mean figuratively.

Hang on there a minute sugartits. Are you using the politics of fear?


This is not the first time I've taken glee in seeing the people of St Paul suffer the natural consequences of electing a mayor solely on the basis that he was the candidate that didn't endorse George Bush. It feels genuinely good to see these people'e wallets get anally raped (can wallets have anuses?) annually.

In fact, it feels so right, let's read another...

In times of difficulty, we can either face the problem head-on or leave it for our successor. Mayor Chris Coleman is facing St. Paul's problems head on, proving that voters were right to elect him in 2005.


The city has lost $108 million in local government aid over the last five years. In 2007 dollars, that means $36 million less for core services and infrastructure, year after year. Dealing with these state cuts, and the resulting $17 million shortfall we face this year, isn't pretty, fun or quotable.

Perhaps someone should ask The Holy Savior of St. Paul how much federal money from DHS his city has lost (according to a well placed source of mine) and will lose (according to this appropriation bill, pending signature by the president; the critical portion of which for our purposes summarized here) because he decided to make St. Paul a "sanctuary city"?

Get back to me on that if you will, Ms. Boners.

Nobody wants to raise taxes, and no one wants to close libraries and rec centers. But fixing the long-term city budget deficit now is how we finally set the city's finances right, not to mention avoid even worse problems later on. For that Coleman should be commended.

Please Mr. Mayor spank me again!


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