Thursday, August 09, 2007

Moron Mail - Special Unfortunate Juxtaposition Edition

Sorry, but I just need to continue wallowing in how foolish the Fact-and-Tact-Free Community is looking right now. This is just one of several (as I'm sure you can imagine):

David Strom of the Minnesota Free Market Institute, quoted in the Aug. 8 article "Gas-tax shift poses plenty of pitfalls," must have taken leave of his senses.

Actually, strom takes leave of his senses whenever he sees a nice set of boobies. Or even a subpar set of boobies for that matter.

We have a major disaster on our hands, the product of years of neglect and too little funding.

Flash back to page A-1 (God I love this):

Federal officials investigating the Interstate 35W bridge disaster said Wednesday that they are looking at a possible design flaw in some of the steel plates under the bridge and issued an alert that added weight from construction work may have been a factor in its collapse.

By all means, blame Lyndon Johnon. And while you're at it, throw in his former adviser and current Democratory Party paropaganda pooper-outer Bill (Shit) Moyers.

We need a way to fund repairs to the bridge and an increase in maintenance statewide.

And there's no reason we can't spend the revenue the state alredy generates.

And oh, by the way Jeff, good to see you've finally found religion on the subject of funding roads.

(NOTE TO READERS: you really need to follow that link. You know I wouldn't link to the AntiStrib unless there was a really REALLY good reason. Go look now.)

But all Strom can see is a threat to his regime of "no new taxes" and incompetent government.

And boobies!

He seems generally upset about the prospect of investing in our safety.

You're right. Strom only cares about things that involve boobies.


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