Thursday, August 23, 2007

Moron Mail

It's a long way to the ground when you sit atop a high horse...

I stood Tuesday with the group of people who weren't invited to the Norm Coleman $1,000 entry fundraiser, and who for sure didn't have $10,000 to drop for a photo op with the president.

Maybe if you worked for a living rather than stalking Republicans and making a spectacle of yourself -

Oh, never mind.

I greatly appreciated the large number of passing cars that honked or gave "thumbs up" in appreciation of the effort.

Those weren't thumbs!

My part, as a former Army medic and bugler, was to occasionally fill the air with "Taps," because I believe that every time large contributions go to continue the policies we're under, many more people will die or be injured through violence or some kind of neglect.

Thank you for your service. But you are still a bonehead.

I personally have trouble with the thought of paying $10,000 to be photographed with any president. If I had it, I'd help two or three families get adequate health insurance for a year and be photographed with them. These kind of photo ops abound, and I'm imagining a world where we as a culture seek them out.


You know, Bonerson has a good point. I've always had a problem with people who eschew charity and instead give their disposable income to political parties or candidates that would raise taxes on other people to address the latest "crisis". It's a very cost-effective means to smug self-satisfaction.

But you don't need to be rich to donate your time and money. You could volunteer at a hospital, do pro bono work (in whatever field your expertise lies in), and of course, you can still donate cash to charities that do real good in the world, as Mr. Bonerson suggests. I wonder what good turns Larry Bonerson would do with that extra $250 he may find laying around from time to time?


Oh, never mind.

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