Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PostMilF Fun Quiz


This photo was taken at the PostMilF and subsequently posted by our old pal Uncle Ben. Can you find the massive blunder documented in it (and no, it's not Strom allowing Moonchild to use him as a human jungle gym)?

Answer later...

Commenter rob in MD phones in with the correct answer:

The goober in the upper left-hand corner of the pic is wearing socks with sandals. Even I, a man whose anti-metrosexual cred is firmly established, would never dare make such an obvious and embarrassing fashion gaffe. You can wear socks, or you can wear sandals, but you can't wear both, Snowflake.

Rob's other guess - that the electrical outlet was uncovered with children present, is a good one, but incorrect in this context. That outlet needed to be cooled down for several hours after pulling heavy duty powering a boom box that was cranking Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" during the awards ceremony (an especially appropriate background song to the crowning of a champion, if you ignore the first 9/10ths of the lyrics).

But the question still remains...

Who was the rube in the sandals and the socks?

Fortunately, KAR's crack Forensic Fashion Faux Pas Team was able to uncover damning evidence in another picture, also posted by Ben, that conclusively implicates a specific MilFer in this heinous sartorial crime:

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