Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Preemptive Moron Mail

You just know that some moonbat is going to respond to this letter:

After reading Karen Youso's July 25 article about squirrels in the city ("Triumph of the squirrels"), which goes into the love/hate relationship city folks have with them, a thought came to mind: Why are squirrels a protected animal?

Why do they need protection? They have no enemies. They eat almost anything. They have been damaging the property of city dwellers for decades. Maybe it's time to reconsider.


In an effort to help those with waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands keep it that way, I will write the letter that you know will appear in the next few days:

So, Kayellen Taylor of St. Paul doesn't think that squirrels need protection because they "have no enemies" and they damage her precious property (Letters, August 1)?

Perhaps if the letter writer had her natural habitat encroached on by unsustainable urban sprawl, unchecked capitalism and crass consumerism, maybe then she'd be the one clamoring for protection.


I feel pretty confident about this one. We shall see...

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