Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rituals of the Finely Tuned Athlete

Pitchers throw a few warmup tosses before every inning to loosen their muscles and joints.

Golfers routinely take practice swings before each stroke to gage distance and swing force.

Basketball players do shoot-arounds and layup drills before each half to work up a sweat and reinform muscle memory.

Narcissistic protest demonstrators, well...

Marie Braun, a local antiwar leader, said protesters will get a tuneup on Sept. 15 when they will stage an antiwar march from the Cathedral of St. Paul to the Xcel Center and then to the State Capitol, a route protesters hope to use again on the opening day of the convention.

Narcissistic protest demonstrators hold a practice march to reacquaint themselves with walking while holding signs.


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