Friday, August 31, 2007

Signs Indicating That You Might Need to Get a Clue


*rolls eyes*




*rolls eyes*

*pinches bridge of nose*


Yesterday, in the post rolling out our latest Meaningless Poll (unless you happen to be the person handing out credentials for the '08 RNC - then it is a Mandatory Expression of the Will of The People) I wrote the following non-controversial blurb:

...I think it would be a nice gesture on the part of whoever decides such things, to throw a few credentials in the direction of some of the host city's best center-right bloggers (and ThunderJournalists).

Mitch attempted to motivate his base by encouraging his substantial readership to vote for him, writing:

Learned Foot is taking a poll to decide which five Twin Cities center-right bloggers, “thunderjournalists” and cellar-dwelling misanthropes should go to the convention.

Which inspired noted Self-Proclaimed "Centrist" and de facto DFL shill Flash to comment:

This will be a challenge as there is only one actual center/Right blogger I know of in the MOB and that is Purple Stater. However, as long as far Right Wing Fringers like Blogger Berg claim center rightness, there is no way they can even remotely challenge my true centricalness.

Which, once again, inspired me to gag on Flash's occasionally irrepressible self-righteousness and hyper-provincial view of the world. So let me try to illustrate to those who believe that their own made up definitions of certain terms (like, say, "centrist"), carry the same weight as Funk and Wagnell's. Here is a simple depiction of the so-called political spectrum:


Flash's conception of that term is as follows:


The REAL definition of "center-right" as intended is this:


Is that a little clearer for ya' Flash?

And while we're at it, this isn't the only way Flash misapprehends the term "centrist". From as far as I can tell, his definition relies on how far out to the political right the target of his derision lies philosophically from himself. This is a good gimmick to make someone feel or purportedly appear "reasonable." As if "reason" can always be found in the center.

The centrist position on slavery was to allow it in the South, keep it illegal in the North, and always have the same number of slave and free states.

The centrist (and right wing, for that matter) position on fascism was let Europe fight it's own battles.

The centrist position on dealing with the Soviets, was detente and arms control pacts.

If you don't believe me, comb through Mitch archives or browse his topic tags. Get a feel for what he believes (or take me for that matter as Mitch and I are nearly identical philosophically, save for our views on Bruce Springsteen).

Flash thinks Mitch is (what was the term he used? - oh yeah) a "fringer."

I believe that it was noted far-left liberal Howard Dean quoting another far-left (though not nearly as insane) liberal Paul Wellstone who said "I represent the Democrat[ory] wing of the Democrat[osian] Party."

I wonder which wing of the Democratanian Party Flash represents?

No Flash, from my perspective you are the "fringer". That's how the game is played, right?

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