Thursday, August 02, 2007

Waters Over Troubled Bridge

I wasn't going to write this post, but I knew I'd have to.

A bridge collapses and all of a sudden your typical left-wing douchebags have all become structural engineers. Because the GOP's unenlightened tax policy choked off all the money to replace this particular bridge. AND. THEY. KNEW. THIS. WOULD. HAPPEN.

Here's one particularly brain-dead example:

August 1, 2007; Minnesotan’s were dealt the the summer disaster of the decade: The I-35 bridge over the Mississippi collapsed on both lanes of traffic at 6:00PM evening rush-hour. And, I think every Minnesotan knows who should be blamed for it: The Minnesota GOP.

From January all through June, the DFL legislature tried to put together a Transportation Bill that would have earmarked an incredible amount of infrastructure support to our highways and bridges. Also included in that Trans Bill was to put together a desperately needed mass-transit and light rail system. But, our (Republican) Governor vetoed the job.

I wonder how many bridges that $700 million we wasted on the Hiawatha Line (that did nothing to relieve the congestion on the St Anthony Bridge I hasten to add) would have fixed?

No matter. And never mind that the available revenues to spend on transportation (which, until recently used to mean only "roads" which included "bridges") has increased steadily (.pdf - see the pretty graph on page 6). Yes, even during the Pawlenty administration.

But, nooooooooooooo. That the bridge collapse had to do with undetectable flaws, or that assurances from none other than the University of Minnesota in 2006 that the St Anthony didn't need an overhaul until 2020 (this came out on the news this morning, can't find a linkable reference yet) - and that the bridge was scheduled for said overhaul at that time - make no difference to our new left-wing structural engineers. The bridge collapsed, the GOP governor vetoed a gas tax increase -this year - ergo the blood is on his hands.

Do everyone a favor, and shut the fuck up, you smug, opportunist activist turds. You have nothing of value to add to the civic discourse, and crap like the quote above proves it. You people are incapable of complex thought beyond base reflexes, to say nothing of your complete and utter lack of class. Shut up.

Well, there is one thing from you shitbags I would be interested in knowing:

Do you assholes ever stop campaigning for your party?

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