Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And, Come to Think of It, None of Them Bathe Either

Jeffie the Wingnut Slayer wallowing in his own little reality:

So Osama bin Laden released a tape last week. You may have heard about it, what with all the screaming and pants wetting and fawning obsession that it was greeted with by the right-wing types. [Smarmy overgeneralizing porcine assholishness in original.]

Er, yeah. He is, of course, basing that "observation" on an earlier "story" "written" by, well, himself, in which he found one - one! - "right-wing" type fitting that description:

Some conservative bloggers were too busy reacting in fear to worry about bin Laden's politics, whatever they may be. Reliapundit at The Astute Bloggers, meanwhile, focused on bin Laden's reference to Hiroshima, saying, "I DON'T THINK HE BRINGS UP HIROSHIMA TO PROVE WHEN HE MADE THE TAPE. I THINK IT'S A NUCLEAR THREAT. I THINK HE'S SAYING THAT SINCE WE USED THEM ON OTHERS, IT'S OKAY IF HE USES THEM ON US. [Caps in original.]"

But fair enough. Let's create or own reality just like Jeffie.

All people who want to abandon the effort in Iraq immediately, are psychotic axe murderers.

Porky, psychotic axe murderers.

KAR STYLE SHEET CHANGE: From now on, whenever any KARnie or commenter mentions anti-war persons, they shall refer to said persons as "psychotic axe murderers with weight issues."

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