Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Burning Off Some Loose Ends Before Vacay

Tomorrow the Mrs. and I are jetting off to Hilton Head for a post-cancer treatment / birthday (Mrs. Foot's) retreat. Child care has been arranged. The tee times have been booked. The Swedish Marital Aids have been packed. All that's left s to sit on the tarmac for three hours while they repair something on the plane.

So here's the last post from me 'til Tuesday, and there's some unfinished business that needs to be tended to.


* The following bloggers and ThunderJournalists should expect to receive their press credentials for the 2008 RNC (Hey - Brodkorb - make it happen):

1) Gary Miller

1.5) Gary Miller's shades

2) Mitch Berg

3) LearnedFoot & Bobo (NOTE TO GOP: You only need to credential Foot; Bobo's a fictional monkey that travels in my pants)

4) Captain Ed (Wow - surprise upset there)

5) Sisyphus

QUESTION: Will the beer stands at the Excel be open during the convention? I ask only because a lack of access to beer could adversely affect my coverage.

* Would you read a post that had "Butt Cheeks" in the title?

71% -- I'd be a fool not to!

29% -- Inexplicably visit KAR and answer poll questions.


Even though I've been leaning a little too heavily on The Head to fill in during my absences, and thus have accordingly afforded him this weekend off, don't think for a moment that I will allow this magnificent ThunderJournal to lie fallow while I'm gone.

Instead of tapping a fill in, I'm gonna take KAR all open source on yer asses. Yes! there'll be a series of dedicated open threads for all those regular KAR Kommenters you've come to know and ignore. Use 'em all weekend, but please restrict your comments to your own open thread.

Didn't get an open thread? Then post your comments to the open thread dedicated to discussing things on the other open threads. If I were a hipster doofus, I'd say "that's so meta". But I'm not, so I'll just say this:

Poop fart booger poop boobies.


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