Friday, September 07, 2007

Buttcheekgate Day 3 - A Double Standard?

The story so far:

The other day, I cross-posted my brilliant slam on John Edwards and his cryptofeminist followers to new local uberblog True North. Some members of the TN Board of Standards - a/k/a "The Junta" - got the vapors and suffered back-of-hand-to-forehead fainting spells from my use of the words 'butt cheeks" in the title of that post, and my subsequent demand for Mr. Edwards to kiss both of them. I was subsequently banned from posting anything remotely KAR-like on True North's Front page.

But today I notice in a recent posting on the front page of TN by one of the aforementioned Junta, the following (emphasis mine) equally filthy language:

"Minnesota Republican Norman Coleman is one of the administration's leading butt boys."

...and the even more egregious:

The Vice President continued to prove his commitment to the environment yesterday, when he agreed to change the policy on the stick up his butt. Evidently, instead of replacing the stick every day with a new one, he's going to keep the same stick there throughout the administration. And if they get re-elected in '96, that will save an entire rain forest.

Now, I can see how some uptight nimrod might get offended by the spelling out of a common, though usually covered, body part. However, how can it then be acceptable to use the very similar, yet worse, phrase "stick up his butt". I mean, sure I told John Edwards to kiss my butt cheeks (and I believe that any legitimate conservative should demand the same), but here you have the very same member of the Junta that pulled my post for the use of "butt cheeks" not only referring to the same area of the anatomy, but also graphically describing anal penetration with a foreign object!

Is that somehow not offensive to True North's core audience?

Yep - more conservative hypocrisy.

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