Thursday, September 20, 2007

Moron Mail

Once again, everybody's favorite short, hairy and perpetually horny tax crusader gets mistaken for someone with actual power by an idiot:

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and all Minnesotans are right to be embarrassed about the handling of the aftermath of the Interstate 35W bridge collapse.

Whoa! "All Minnesotans" are "right to be embarrassed"? Did I miss a poll or something while I was on vacation? And we're supposed to be "embarrassed' about what part of the handling of the aftermath, exactly?

I mean, sure, I can see RT being embarrassed. He is, after all, a dumbass - a DFLic dumbass. But for us sentient human beings out here, what exactly has gone so terribly wrong?

The bodies have all been recovered.

The injured have all been treated.

The NTSB has commenced its investigation.

The secondary effects of the disaster (i.e. where does all the traffic go?) were dealt with (as best as can possibly be done) in an almost superhuman amount of time.

The river has reopened to barge traffic.

Funding for a new bridge has all but been appropriated.

A large chunk of said funding has been obtained from the Federal government.

And we've now got a contractor to build the new bridge.

And its only been a month and a half. If that's embarrassing, then your definition of "embarrassing" is dumb.

Sometime in the past we apparently elected David Strom governor, and appointed Tim Pawlenty to do his bidding.

Or maybe - just maybe - there are more people out there in addition to David Strom that think that a $55 billion budget is bloated enough, thank you very much. I know, I know: that's a totally indefensible position.

And just as an aside: if Strom had actually been elected governor, he'd have been thrown out of office because of sexual harassment lawsuits before he had enough time to implement any policy.

If we want to avoid future embarrassment, as well as tragedy, then Minnesota needs to be run by pragmatic necessity rather than blind ideology.


I agree. I think we should run this state by pragmatic necessity rather than blind ideology. For example, we now have a large hole where the state's busiest bridge used to be. The main thoroughfare to downtown Minneapolis, the airport and other points south from the north and northeastern parts of the metro has been rendered unusable, clogging traffic, costing money and hindering commerce.

Here's what some DFLicers have to say about the urgency to remedy that situation:

Several DFL legislators also used Wednesday's event to argue that MnDOT is speeding ahead even as taxpayers' confidence in both Molnau and Gov. Tim Pawlenty had waned in the days since the collapse.

Wait! There's that meme again. What is the evidence for this? (No I'm serious, I've been out of the loop for the past week.) Is this yet another Democratosian talking point lie borne on some party memo to be repeated until it takes on the mirage of fact? You know, like the accusations of Patraeus being a liar being pooped out before he ever issued any report - among many many others. Or has there been some dip in poll numbers resulting from the incessant repeating of some other talking point lie?

Or perhaps its some sort of ESP or intuition that only narcissistic douchebags are capable of...

"Does Minnesota have confidence in those folks?" asked Rep. Jeremy Kalin, DFL-Lindstrom. "I'm hearing not."

I'm going to go with the narcissistic douchebag ESP.

In any event, I'm going to go ahead and assume that the DFLic is afraid of speeding ahead with fixing this critical stretch of freeway because they haven't had sufficient time to climb over the dead bodies to blame the GOP. The first round of recriminations obviously haven't taken.

I know I know: call me a narcissistic douchebag...

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