Thursday, September 27, 2007

The News in Haikus

Writer's block stomps Foot.
Nothing to write about. Let's
Poop out some haikus.

Sorry Mr. Boyd,
But "sharp elbows" don't hurt when
They're thrown by lightweights.

My guess is that Boyd's
Still angry from getting Ass
Kicked by Powerline.

In Tennessee state,
Cigarettes will become the
New moonshine. Yee-haw!

How does Ryan find
Stuff like this? I suppose it
Beats smelling like ass.

Soon, Bill can buy his
Old pad back for half of the
Price he paid for it.

Please, Bill. Please please please
Please please please buy your old house.
New neighbors suck ass.

Silky Pony sports
A spray-on tan. Now he looks
Blacker than Barack.

Not to mention that
He's also less masculine
Than the Hillary.

Wal Mart expands its
Cheap drug program; still not worth
Shopping at that dump.

Springsteen's new album
Has "peace" theme. In other news:
Foot writes "poop" a lot.

New haiku ruling:
"Bjork" is one syllable. Poll
Totally worthless.

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