Tuesday, September 04, 2007

School's Out In for the Summer Next 13 Years

The Girl started kindergarten today. Or, rather, she starts it tomorrow. Today was orientation day, and those being orientated were mostly parents. Hence, light posting today, while I get all verklempt about The Girl experiencing her next lifetime milestone.

And obviously, the poignant photo of her toting her school bag, back to the camera, as she metaphorically boards the bus to Her Future will appear sometime after tomorrow.

As is her talent, she's already made two friends. Though we never had any worries about that. She's a natural socializer. She could make friends at a DFLic Party caucus.

I also noticed that she appears to be the tallest kid in her class, sparking fantasies that she could be the star center of her kindergarten basketball team, camping out in the paint and swatting away jump shots.

I asked. Alas, there is no kindergarten basketball team...


Anyway, like I said, light posting, etc. etc., save for maybe an Open Thread for Sisyphus.

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