Thursday, September 20, 2007

Your Reynold's Wrap Top Chef Wrapup

Having left the Kenmore Kitchen in Miami for New York via Continental Airways, (and casting off C.J. along the way), the Top Chefs - brought to you by Bravo (a General Electric joint) - finally were winnowed down to the Fantastic Four (buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray today!) last night.

Last night's Ex-Lax Elimination Challenge required the five remaining chefs to create a delectable meal for the faculty of the French Culinary Institute incorporating three basic ingredients: a delicious and juicy Gold'n Plump chicken, Idaho Russet Potatoes, and Vidalia Yellow Onions. The chefs were afforded 4 hours to create their dishes, except for Hung, who got an extra half hour for winning the JiffyLube Quickfire Challenge.

The results were uneven. Hung and The Playboy Hot Chick excelled, and Brian impressed the judges with his neon-green Stouffer's peasant pie. Unfortunately, the faux-hawked Great Clips Dale and Jamaica Visitors Bureau Sara found themselves in the Kohler Fixtures Bottom Two. Dale's cuisine suffered from a muddled concept as well as his inexplicable failure to add his sauce to it before serving it. Sara undercooked her chicken - an obvious result of not using Calphalon cookware.

In the end, the inexcusable act of serving raw chicken earned Sara the Red Wing Boot in the Ass at the Williams-Sonoma Judges' Table. Feeling both disappointed but relieved, Sara packed up her Wustoff Knives and hopped into a Toyota Rav-4 heading for the airport, while the remaining four sipped Korbel Champaign.

The editorial staff hoists a Guinness in tribute to 4 contestants appearing in the Bravo Network's Top Chef Season Three finale, brought to you by E-Chemistry!

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