Saturday, October 13, 2007

Anti-Car Nutball Avidor Gets Run Over By Bus (Again)


Avidor gets flattened like roadkill by KAR again. Now he's in full meltdown mode:

Friday, October 12, 2007
Learned Foot Stubs his Toe (Again)

David Gow (Mr Grant)

Tom Swift (Swiftee)

Transportation Enthusiast (Atren, ATE)

Mitch Berg

.... and now a
blogger who calls himself Learned Foot:

Why Won't Eva Young, Ken
Avidor Come Clean About Anonymously Editing Wikipedia Entries?

Here's the Wikipedia user page for Avidor, Mr. Foot.

Not the first time the besotted Learned Foot has stubbed his

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rapid transit, PRT

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Avidor doesn't allow comments from outsiders. Curious. Here's a picture of the middle-aged looser loser:

Avidor has been sucking too much bus exhaust. First, just because someone has a wikipedia account, doesn't mean that they can't or won't still make anonymous edits.

Why does Avidor think you're stupid?

Second, Avidor can't read. Here's what I wrote:

And why would Eva Young or one of her droogs want to edit these entries anonymously?

Of course, in Avidor's daily vanity google search (new word: googlebation -- too late, I copyrighted it!), he only looked at the second, throwaway mocking post.

Why can't Avidor read?

Which brings us to tyhis final curious question: I linked to two of Avidork's blogs, but he posted his cute little nonresponse on a completely different one. One that Eva Young does not contribute to. Why? Trolling for hits?

Why is Avidor so stupid?

And why won't he and Eva Young admit to anonymously editing wikipedia entries?


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