Monday, October 15, 2007

Closed Circuit to Wiener-Heads

To the first group of wiener-heads - the Guys Who Put Together the NFL Schedule:

This weekend was, I believe, the first time this season that I was unable to watch the Washington Redskins on TV in the local market.

Of course, that was because they were playing the Packers.

By my estimation, you have now left approximately 48 rating points on the table here in the Greater Twin Cities metro area. How many millions of dollars is that worth? I'm not sure you get it, but contrary to what you may think, nobody here gives a flying crap about the East Coast or its crappy crappy teams.

At least we get to see that epic Monday Night matchup between the Falcons and the Giants (5th time on TV here) tonight! Thanks for that.


To the second group of wiener-heads: Delusional Vikings "Fans" (sorry for the double redundancy):

Ahem, there's only one season that matters:

  • This one.

And there's only two stats that matter:

  • Green Bay and their one-dimensional offense: 5-1

  • Minnesota and their 1/2 dimensional offense: 2-3.

Everything else is just the masterbatory hedging of small-minded losers.

To be fair, I would like to congratulate Cynical Vikings Guy on what I am sure he will see as the victory that locks up the wild card for the Purple.

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