Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again

Even though the otherwise peaceful tenure of Mayer Andee has been thrown into discord by the aggressive and sociopathic actions of a few bad eggs, we still have an election to attend to. Yes, it's time once again for the MOB mayoral elections!

As you know, the campaign for MOB Mayor is a blessedly brief one. The campaign for MOB Mayor exists for two primary purposes:

1) To provide an excuse for the "candidates" to slander each other.

2) To provide an excuse to slander whomever wins the election for an entire year.

So what's the upside to being Mayor? Well, you get to make unenforceable proclamations, and you can put this neat-o graphic on your blog or ThunderJournal:

You can nominate any MOBster (even yourself!) in the comments to this post.

Any questions?

Yes, you in the back.

Good afternoon Mr. Foot. Flarn Drago, AP. Aside from everyone ripping on you for the entire year, are there any challenges while holding the office of Mayor?

I can't say that there are. However, I will note that the first Mayor went into exile shortly after his term was up, and the current Mayor has been known to suffer from periodic bouts of insanity.

Next question. Yes, you.

Will the current occupant be seeking a second term?

He has not yet announced his intentions. Next - you.

Dick Bonerman, Weenerpenis News. Does KAR plan on fielding multiple candidates again this year?

No. In the past, KAR's candidates have shown well, but they split the ticket and ultimately lost to freak shows like our current Mayor. We're prepared to show a united front in this election cycle.

I have a followup: who will be KAR's endorsed candidate?

We haven't decided on that yet. You there, in the front row.

Jeffie the Wingnut Slayer, Minnesota Monitor. Can I run?


Uh, I have a followup, then: why?

Because you're an asshole.

Any other - yes you.

Chad Elder from FL Omnimedia. How does one nominate candidates?

Like I said earlier: by leaving a comment.

Followup: where?

In the comments to this post.

And this post is...?

The one you are reading right now.

Now being...?

...This very moment in time.

Oh, I see. I have another followup then. Can you tell us a little bit about the nomination process?

This press conference is over!

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