Thursday, October 11, 2007

Libel a General? That's OK. Infringe on a Trademark? You Will Pay.

The 527 astroturf organization that dare not speak its name. Literally:

Internet giant Google has banned advertisements critical of, the far-left advocacy group that caused a national uproar last month when it received preferential treatment from The New York Times for its “General Betray Us” message.

The ads banned by Google were placed by a firm working for Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ re-election campaign. Collins is seeking her third term.

Earlier this week, Google told Lance Dutson, president of Maine Coast Designs, that the ads he placed for Collins had been removed and would not be allowed to resume because they violated Google’s trademark policy.

You mean Google won't let you put this:

in a Google ad? For the record, KAR believes that


Google’s Web site states, “Google takes allegations of trademark infringement very seriously and, as a courtesy, we’re happy to investigate matters raised by trademark owners.” That suggests Google acted in response to a complaint by

Oh those poor poor rich assholes at

My heart bleeds for them.


Photoshop this famous trademarked logo:

Here's my dashed-off MS-Paint effort:

Bonus points for anyone who can work this well-protected trademark into a picture of the dirty mushroom.

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