Monday, October 22, 2007

Moron Mail

Moron Mail is probably the oldest running regular feature on KAR. Throughout its long and storied history, we here at KAR have been proud to say that no matter to what depths of stupidity a mailing moron may take us, we have always been able to maintain our composure and deliver the high-quality fiskings that our readers have come to enjoy.

Indeed we have rarely, if ever, punted on a Moron Mail, even if it seemed too blazingly insipid to be worth mocking. If you've been following along, you have witnessed many a letter to the Strib that could easily - and legitimately - be dismissed half way through with a mere "moron" or "jackass". But instead of taking this easy - and legitimate - way out, we remain committed to our endeavors to not merely beat down the unsupportable, inflammatory, insulting and fact challenged but to relegate these skid marks of rhetoric to the very deepest regions of epistemological hell where they belong.

There has never been a letter so stupid that it defies thorough mocking, and I dare say, I doubt there ever will be.

That said, let's move on to today's Moron Mail:


Uh oh... this isn't looking too good.

may have been running the show for the last six years, but according to Mitch Pearlstein they're still the downtrodden victims of oppression.

OK. Forget everything I just wrote above. I stand corrected.


Ruins! A once mighty franchise lies in ruins!!!

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