Friday, October 19, 2007

The News in Haikus

Sure, he can make a
Jet disappear; can he make
Evidence vanish?

Was it genocide?
Or not? Who cares? It happened
Century ago.

If you want to make
The big bucks, look into Bull
Spooge, sewer diving.

Then: Foot's a "Trust fund
Brat"; Now: "no more assumptions."
Irony is dead.

Welcome home Bhutto!

The best thing about
Suicide bombers is that
They only strike once.

Anti-war film called
"Redacted" gets redacted.
Irony still dead.

Home Depot aisle 5:
Circular saws, power tools
And fake hate crime props.

Comcast blocks some 'net
Traffic. But not KAR.
Irony decays.

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