Monday, October 22, 2007

The Origins of Sean Kemp

Imagine if you will a big city high school varsity football team. Imagine further that four current players on this particular high school varsity football team had fathered children before their senior year. And imagine further still, that in the past four years, 9 members (including the aforementioned 4) of this team had fathered children.

Let's tic off what the reactions from various corners would be.

From the Right: "Obviously this is a further symptom of the degradation of families in the inner cities and an ineffectual public school system that has sacrificed discipline for political correctness."

From the Center-Left: "OMG!!! OMG!!! CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We obviously need to throw taxpayer money at this crisis!!!!!!!"

From the Cryptopseudofeminist Left: "Abortion is obviously still not available enough for teenagers."

From the Hyperspastic Mouth-Breathing Cryptopseudofeminist Hard Left: "OMG!!! RAPE!!!!!!!"

From the Sports Page Editor of the Local Paper: "I think I'll Print a 9-column soft focus hagiography on the front page about these remarkable young men, while crowding out coverage of the latest win by the local college football team, game 6 of the ALCS, and the death of Max McGee."

Now that the Strib has gone all milquetoast on me, I may need to move back to Milwaukee.

(I probably should get down there anyway to help clean up whatever is left of Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo's exploded head.)

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