Friday, October 05, 2007

Vindication: Padma Is Like a Sherry Enema

On Thursday, I opened up about the anguish Top Chef hottie Padma Lakshmi caused in my heart. Specifically, I was bothered by her cardboard personality obscuring her hotness which caused more conflicted feelings than a sherry enema.

Fortunately I am not alone. Chad feels the same way and brought some insight to the dilemma:

1. The heart of the problem is that she's fake. She doesn't know anything about food or cooking and tries to pretend she does. Once in a while you get to see that look in her eyes which shows how clueless she really is.

2. She tries too hard to make everything dramatic. Pauses are good to create tension, but she always overdoes it. Last night was a good example. It's very annoying.

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Every word is truth. Every word.

That was one of the especially annoying aspects of the live finale. In the taped shows, when Padma announces the result, you can tell that most of the dramatic pause was inserted in the editing room. Shot of Padma looking concerned. Shot of the nervous chefs. Shot of the other judges looking concerned. Shot of Padma looking forlorn. Another shot of the nervous chefs. Back to Padma. Aaaaaaaaaand then, the announcement.

On the live show, she actually had to sit there in silence for thirty seconds, as though engaged in some deep thought about who should win, even though the winner was known to the judges for hours, maybe days. It wasn't dramatic. The effect was phony. And awkward.

Like a sherry enema.

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