Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Adult" Education: Helping Stevie Learn How to Write

Recently, after reading one of dour left-wing talking points flogger and City Pages castoff Steve Perry's Daily Mole posts, KAR decided to seek professional help–for Perry.

So we selected one of his recent pieces, a November 29th post berating (yawn) Katherine Kerstin (again), and did two things: First, we ran the post through Juicy Studios’ readability tester to see what grade level the composition attained: 5th grade. Here’s a screengrab of the results - no permalinks available; there’s a glossary defining all the measures at the link:

Second, we pasted the column into Word and emailed it to a former English instructor we know who now lives and drinks in the Isle of Wight and has never seen Perry’s writing before, with this prefatory note: “Could you help out a friend of ours? Steve is an indie paper expat with an apparent case of short man's disease who really wants to be a writer…. I’m asking that you read the short essay I’ve attached, assign a letter grade to it, and write a summary feedback paragraph to Stevie telling her what she needs to do to become an accomplished professional writer. I’d really appreciate it, and I’m sure she would appreciate it too.”

Our teacher pal, Fabio, has returned this critique:

"You are a massive pantload, and obviously oblivious to how easily this could come back at you. Where's my beer? Grade: F-"

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