Monday, November 05, 2007

Almost Forgot...

Today is KAR's third ThunderJournalversary. Yes, on this day in 2004, we flipped the switch on the spleen venting which eventually turned to more nuanced ranting, and then to sort of complaining about stuff which eventually evolved into poop humor.

NO! Do not go and look back at those first few archived months! We sucked back then. But we eventually hit our stride, sucking less and less as time wore on, until we hit a wall back in September and sucked a whole lot more relatively to date.

The festivities commence today with the Congressional resolution proclaiming this week to be National Kool Aid Report and Dysentery Awareness Week. Then, later on in the week, a very special treat (have you watched this video yet?) as our gift to KARnation.

Stay tuned.

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