Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogger Young Is Livid Over Getting Owned


Blogger Eva Young is hyperventilating about, er, something:

Eva Young on November 11th, 2007 10:18 pm

Sarah Janacek writes:

“This is great exposure, actually for Berg. I’ve never told him this before, but Berg is my great gut check about what a smart conservative guy, who happens to be divorced raising two kids working his rear off, thinks about our public affairs world.”

EY: You mean a guy who has no problem with commenters who impersonate other people on his blog (he allows that regularly with me, and that’s the reason I no longer comment there).

And therefore, it worked exactly as planned.

Or commenters like this on Berg’s blog:

# ak Says:
November 4th, 2007 at 10:14 am

Did you see that fat gob of suet Eva wrote about this piece?


That was totally * snort* out of *giggle* line, and I condemn *pffffft* such insulting attacks!

Mitch Berg also links approvingly to a KoolAid Report post that links to this charming little cartoon by Tom Swift (aka Swiftee) that goes after me and Eric Black.

Where's that link? (HINT: There isn't one - she's making shit up.)

I believe Tom Swift and the Kool Aid Report anonobloggers were mad about Karl Bremer’s contribution to Eric Black Ink going after Michele Bachmann’s Farm Subsidies.

No, I think Karl Bremmer was mad at me for eviscerating his little attemped hit piece. It got crammed back down his throat, so therefore I had to pay. Since there's no ammo for his little slander machine to be gotten on KAR he tried to get at me through Anti-Strib, a blog I don't read.

I've currently run through my entire stack of FAIL images, otherwise I'd use one here.

I had nothing to do with that article.

And I have nothing to do with the Anti-Strib, yet that didn't stop Eva's drones from trying to slander me and many others. I have no problem playing by Eva's own rules. It's nice to give my brain a break now and then.

I very much appreciate satire, but haven’t really seen what’s funny about calling me a “fat pig” - one of the thoughtful comments left on Berg’s blog.

It was Karl Bremer who did the leg work on this story - and got it published in the Daily Mole. I had written about this post a few days after it was posted

Of course you did.

Just a reminder that it has now been one month since Eva was caught editing slanders anonymously into the wikipedia entries of some of her political enemies. She has yet to come clean and explain why she did it while at the same time holding others to a much higher standard. Why is Blogger Young stonewalling?


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