Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Still OK to Bash Gays -- at Least on the Left

The following is from our writer The Head of Alfredo Garcia:

What happens when a leading local Democrat blogger publishes a virulently homophobic screed that refers to a private citizen as as “among those arrested with Larry Craig for cruising MSP airport bathrooms for anonymous sex”, and claiming “behavior and comments seem oddly similar in both form and content to Craig's”?

In Minnesota, evidently nothing—at least from his left-leaning compatriots in "Drinking Liberally", the MinnPost, the Daily Mole and the mainstream media.

Minneapolis dyspeptic crank Karl Bremer published the rant in the comment section of prominent liberal site "Lloydletta's Nooz" on October 3. Those are just a few salient quotes from it. If you want to read his further defense and giggly rationalizations of defamation and homophobia, you’ll have to visit the website yourself. Suffice to say it would make any gay-bashing cracker fratboy proud.

Bremer is a member, guest writer or interview subject for groups known as "Dump Bachmann", "the Daily Mole" and "Black Ink" among others. Among them these sites are read by virtually every left of center blogger in the Twin Cities, including elite left-of-center journalists Eric Black, Steve Perry, Eva Young and Jeff Fecke. Young reportedly is a leader in the local gay movement, so he clearly has their respect.

Yet since Bremer's “cruising MSP airport bathrooms for anonymous sex” comment ran last month, the silence from the usually fawning Sorosblog crowd has been deafening. Indeed, in the past week Bremer has been something of a celebrity among the local Sorosmedia, garnering appearances in the Mole, Blank Ink and Lloydletta.

The Daily Mole is run by Steve Perry, a former City Pages editor. Perry called Bremer a "guest", and ran a "guest op-ed" from him. Perry, an oft-quoted writer who is not known for his reluctance to express his opinion about Republicans when they cross the line of defamation, dissent or pretty much any line at all, real or imagined, has been mute about the viciousness of his own "guest's" writing.

Bremer also has the support of a blogger, "cartoonist" and former Whack Pudpounder Boobs 'n Buns Screw magazine editor, Ken "Avidor" Weiner, who writes on the Dump Bachmann blog, run by Eva Young. While Young may have little or nothing to do with Weiner's output, it clearly seems blessed with her imprimatur.

Avidor "produced" the following cartoon in response to and support of Bremer's homophobic rant:

It depicts the victim of Bremer's screed, Drew Emmer.

It appeared in Weiner's "Dump Mark Olson" blog, which has a permanent link from DumpBachmann, Lloydletta, and other prominent left-leaning blogs. One can only wonder what the uproar would be if a conservative prominently linked to an openly gay-bashing, anal-rape advocating site.

Even Eric Black, with his bully pulpit as the "Dean of Twin Cities' Political Journalists", has remained on the sidelines as his interview subject Bremer's writing and Avidor's supportive cartooning runs roughshod over human decency.

Substitute “Blacks” or “Jews” or “Christians” or “Catholics” for "Larry Craig" or "Drew Emmer" or "Anonymous Bathroom Sex" in Bremer's comment, and what do you think the reaction would be, even from the left? So how is it that someone can pen a comment defending joking about gay cruising and anal rape, and their words just hang out there on the Internet, linked in perpetuity from Lloydletta, the Daily Mole, Dump Bachmann and Black Ink, and other left-wing websites?

Perhaps because in this day and age, gays and anyone who speaks out against the nutroots are the last minority that it’s safe for the left to denigrate without fear of widespread repercussion from fellow liberals.

As a Minnesotan, I am ashamed to see Karl Bremer's ugly homophobia still alive and well in our state, which has over 400,000 gay residents. As a person of non-gay heritage, I am even more repulsed.

Isn’t it time Democrats, Liberals, the Media (pardon the redundancy) and their internet and media cheerleaders quit pointing their fingers at conservative political groups and their TV ads, and cleaned up the hatefulness in their own back yard? A good place to start would be a repudiation of their own family members, Karl Bremer and Ken "Avidor" Weiner, for the shame they've laid upon their doorstep. Because as long as they remain silent about fellow Dump Bachmann writer Bremer and his “anonymous sex-cruising gay” slurs, they will all wear the mantle of homophobe in my eyes.

The Head of Alfredo Garcia is a non-writer and has many acquaintances who are gay or have been raped while in prison, albeit not to the best of his knowledge by Karl Bremer or Ken Weiner.

(Gleefully adapted in whole from Bremer's original in the Mole, to which I hereby give "credit")

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