Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let's Finish This

Oh we've had some fun over the past month beating on anonymous Wikipedia smearer Eva Young and her dim-witted sidekick ans pron merchant Weiner. Actually it wasn't so much of a beating as it was merely doing the same thing to them as they do to others (and they hated it so much that Weiner even started a whole new blog in which he re-re-re-repeats the same years-old worn-out attempted smears).

Good times. Good times.

But there's one guy out there who apparently still doesn't get it (I mean, aside from Weiner). In fact, I think he could take a lesson from our exploits vis a vis the stalkers here. Or maybe he just refuses to. (HINT: something about "fair play" and "turnabout" - or perhaps "the golden rule" might ring a bell).

In any event, I think it'd be helpful for some closure if we turned this over to the public in a good old fashioned plebiscite. You tell us: who pwn3d whom? Poll on the sidebar. Normal KAR ballot stuffing rules apply, etc.

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