Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mark Ritchie's a Liar, You Say? Yaaaawn.

Apparently our glorious Communist-Party-and-ACORN-endorsed Secretary of State has been caught in a lie:

Ritchie can't spin his way out of this conundrum. Earlier, he insisted that he had no idea how his campaign got the list of e-mail addresses of those who do business with his office. Now he admits that he personally provided that list to the campaign. That goes beyond "my staff did this without my knowledge," or any other bureaucratic nonsense.

In other words, Ritchie lied. Badly.

Of course, readers of KAR - always at the cutting edge -were already privy to the fact that Mark Ritchie was and is a big fat liar 14 months ago.

Fourteen months ago = before he was elected.

[Rolls eyes wistfully heavenward]

Man... just imagine how cool it would be if KAR was at all effectual.

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