Monday, November 26, 2007

A Tedious Victory

As if the out come was even in doubt, 91% of you thought that I, the now outed Joe Tucci, Mitch Berg and the other objects of Ken Weiner's obsession won our recent flame war.

In reality, I considered it more of a psychological experiment: what happens when you stalk stalkers? The answer was illuminating: "They go nuts, recycle the same post in 80 different places and even create new blogs to facilitate their mania".

If only scientists could obtain that clean of a result in some useful field, like cold fusion.

Oh, and I think I found the guy that voted 7 times (9%) for Weiner:

Thank you Tracy Eberly. Ever since you went too far, you and your thuggish buddies have been lost, abandoned by Michael Brodkorb, arguably the most successful blogger in the MOB, while having your asses kicked by leftist journalist Steve Perry, Bachmann's least favorite constituent Karl Bremer, lesbian activist blogger extraordinaire Eva Young, and most tellingly by a New York Jew Ken Avidor, the Audie Murphy of this story--single-handedly [stalking -ed.] down a whole squad of aging sexist race-baiting white boys while the world simply passes them by.

Thanks, Tracy for flushing out the lameness of your fucked up political allies--the penis-obsessed Swiftee, the thin-skinned Mitch Berg, and the tediously [sic] Learned Foot [sic] for instance--while more mild mannered arch-conservative Repugs publicly wring their hands or run for the exits

Note he calls yours truly "tedious" in the 11th paragraph of his catalogue of stereotypes.

Kevin McKay? 'Zat you? Again?

Actually, I don't mind being called tedious by leftyboogers - especially the ones with the Democrat Underground vocabulary (and matching intellect), like this retard. What that means is he checked around for any evidence to support his preconceived notions, found none, but still had to come up with an insult because I voted against John Kerry in '06. Rest assured, if I was a fellow leftybooger, he'd be calling me "brilliant" or "blogger extraordinaire", or the "Audie Murphy of this Story" since my entire role in this whole thing was to mimic Ken Weiner post for post.

So then, as we are always gracious in victory, we shall once again rejoin the rest of the world in ignoring Ken Weiner; unless he serves up another hanging curve that's impossible to resist.

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