Wednesday, November 07, 2007

They're All Wasted: A Very Special KAR Birthday Post

Once again dear citizen of KARNation, you find yourselves witnesses to yet another cutting-edge breakthrough online publishing innovation. For never before has a ThunderJournal paid tribute to itself in a heavy metal video. Thus, we here at KAR are proud to present this


Painstakingly edited over the past two months, this video is certain to receive little acknowledgement from our readers, as usual. However, we are all about love here; and what better way to express love than with Iron Maiden goodness? It is our birthday gift to you.

I know that most of our readers wake up every morning thinking "Gosh, if I could appear in a Maiden video, then my life would be complete."

I am happy to say that for a significant fraction of you, your lives are now complete.

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce KAR's World Premiere Video, unedited for content, with no commercial breaks and complete with scrolling credits at the end:

The Kool Aid Report: Three Wasted Years

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