Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Very Sensitive Caring New Age Moron Mail

We could stop the made-up global warming hysteria tomorrow if Katherine Kersten would just write a column about how much she loves warm winter days and hates glaciers. The usual coterie of drooling morons would fall all over themselves about how the planet is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Banal? You ain't seen nothing yet.

The other day, Kersten wrote a column about some student newspaper editor at a local community college who was sacked for making an ersatz noose with a sign attached to it explaining to the paper's reporters the importance of meeting deadlines. The relevant part of this man's grievous offense is detailed in this graf here:

He is lamenting the headache of student reporters' missed deadlines with fellow staffers. The group jokes about various tongue-in-cheek motivational messages -- an ice pick, a bloody knife and other fanciful instruments of discipline. Keith impulsively sticks a mock noose made from his sweatshirt drawstring to the ceiling, with a note about the hazards of missed deadlines.

The drawstring was there a few minutes, he says, and he tossed it in the wastebasket before he left.

As with any Kersten column the drool flowed hard and fast from left-wing hack-o-sphere. Kersten is their version of NonMonkey - which is fine. We all need our red meat.

So I'll just hack apart the morons who wrote to the Strib about it instead:

There is just so very much wrong with Katherine Kersten's Nov. 19 column on Minneapolis Community and Technical College's response to the use of a noose in its college paper newsroom ("Noose outcry is a new entry in the campus hall of shame") that she leaves me not speechless, but stuttering with agitation.

I believe you. Only a mind paralyzed by impotent knee-jerk self-righteous rage would write that a noose was "used" to describe this incident. If the noose had been "used" we'd have a much different story here.

I won't address Kersten's failure to share a single fact from the incident or the college's response to it, or how she lazily takes quotes from others' stories while actually speaking to no one other than the noose-hanger in her single-minded quest to generate angry heat and no light around this issue.

Oh blah blah blah. Speaking of more heat than light, she rants on this way for another 5 paragraphs.

Nor will I explore how she generalizes wildly -- lumping this largely immigrant, first generation, working class and strikingly diverse two-year college in with her tiresome tirade against all "liberal" college classrooms.

A guy getting fired because two very hypersensitive jagoffs eager to be offended complained about a non-racial incident fits quite neatly into the liberal hell of speech codes and (baseless) identity politics that we were seeing a whole hell of a lot of even back when I was in college 15 years ago. (And yes, I do have stories and names.) That's what's "tiresome," you smug, condescending little git.

So, I'd be a little more judicious with my scare quotes if I were you.

Let me focus on one glaring, telling and inexcusable omission amidst all Kersten's heat and hype:

That MCTC has a required freshman course about making tenuous connections between obscure symbolism and an explicitly-stated non-racist joke?

Who else was in the newsroom when the noose was hung? Who, when asking an adviser for help, was told it was all a joke? And, when pursuing a grievance, who was told to speak to no one about it until the internal investigation was completed? Who found almost no campus support for nearly a full month until student groups met, called a rally and began the process of asking their college to begin addressing the issue?

The two young students of color whom Kersten never mentions, as well as the student groups supporting them, are calling us to begin this work.

And again, she was doing them a favor. Although, I am willing to give these two the benefit of the doubt, since such stupidity and eggshell-thin sensibilities are usually conditioned, and not innate.

Kersten's column tries to erase them and their experience by focusing on the noose-hanger, when in fact his intent is not the point at all.

Um yes. Yes it is. And this is why you are a smug condescending git.

This is an instrument that has killed millions of people of all colors, innocent and not. Does this image offend you? Why not?

This is another instrument that has been used to kill thousands, of all races, innocent and not. Does this image offend you? Why not?

And here is another image that has dispatched thousands, of many races, most of them guilty, many regrettably not. Does this image offend you? Why not?

So then here is this instrument, which can never be seen again because - what - it has been used on blacks in the south?

You know, they were shot too.

Oh riiiight - there have been a couple of recent incidences in places other than Minnesota where nooses have been displayed to intimidate or express racial hatred. Or, for all we know, perpetrate yet another hoax.

Well, isn't intent important there? I mean, you can't describe what makes the -planting of these nooses so bad with out mentioning why, right? Of course it's relevant, otherwise these PC ninnies would be burning any history textbook that contains pictures of what happened to traitors during the 18th and 19th centuries. Yes, hard as it is to believe, they hung white people too. Now pay attention, retards, because this next sentence is important.

While the noose was undoubtedly used to intimidate and terrorize blacks in the Jim Crow south, it was also used long before that (and for some time after) as a deterrent to crime and treachery.

Or should we eliminate all public displays of poles to prevent some oversensitive pagan woman of having to relive the horror of the Salem Witch Trials?

Oh shit. I may have given them another idea.

So anyway, my point is, if you take offense at a guy who hangs a noose with a note on it jokingly suggesting the punishment for missed deadlines, you should probably stay home, lock the doors, shutter the windows, and put a heavy duty content filter on your internet connection. Because, frankly, your eggshell mind can't handle the real world. And isn't one of the points of higher education to prepare its students for the real world? Ponder that.


Oh, the condescending git isn't done yet:

The damage such symbols do to a community trying to respect and value every member is the point.

And to reiterate: it wasn't a symbol of hate as used. It was a tongue in cheek symbol of punishment. It really helps to think things through, before making asses of yourselves.

But Kersten would rather erase their experience for her own peace of mind, but our community needs to hear their experience so that we can deal with the lingering racial exclusion and racial violence in all our communities.

What experience? That a couple of jerks were offended by something that was not offensive, not intended to be offensive, and LABELED IN SUCH A WAY TO MAKE CLEAR THAT IT WAS NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE LYNCHINGS OF BLACK PEOPLE IN THE POST CIVIL WAR SOUTH??????????

Higher education my ass. The more I think about this the bigger problem I have with my tax money going to this bastion of non-education.

MCTC has the most diverse student body in the state and yet, with a nearly all-white faculty and staff, it has much work to do addressing institutional racism.

Oh gag. Getalife.

Speaking of "institutional":


I weep for our children.

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