Monday, November 12, 2007

A Very Special Poop Post

For some reason, in the past 24 hours people have been emailing me amusing poop-related items. I have no idea what inspired this poop flurry, but the stuff is too good to let it languish in my inbox. To the mailbag!

First up, Alert Reader Michael (no, not that Michael; the other one) points us to a video that might serve as an apt analogy to the Vikings performance at Lambeau yesterday.

Next, Alert Reader Larry writes about a recent vacation:

A couple of weeks ago when the family unit and I were in Florida, I took them to Lion Country Safari. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a drive through zoo where the animals can come right up to your car. It was a whole lot better than I thought it would be, and the boys loved it.

Anyway, upon entering the Hwange (I know, but I’m not going there) National Park area ( I noted the White Rhinoceros/Rhinoceri. Naturally, being a proud member of the male gender, was curious as to the output of said beasts. The Woman was absolutely appalled that I would take note of this, much less stop the car, roll down the window (contrary to park rules) and take a picture. While the boys giggled uncontrollably in the back seat, she proceeded to ask “why?”, in a recognizably shrill voice, and at that moment I have to admit that I used you and your blog as an excuse. “Honey, I know this guy who writes a blog that talks about poop a lot, and I think he might be able to use this picture alongside letters to the editor written by dumb lefties or some other good purpose. How often do you get in front of a pile of rhino poop?” It was at that point that I realized that I didn’t help my situation by admitting that I was a regular reader of a blog that talks about poop, and I did my best to change the subject while she sat there with a disgusted look on her face. “Hey kids, look! I think the Elephants are coming up!”

Indeed, there would be great shame in admitting to being a regular reader of a blog about poop. Fortunately, KAR is a ThunderJournal.

In any case, since I did use you and KAR as an (albeit failed) excuse, I thought it only fair to forward the picture. I trust that you’ll find good use for it.

This is why KAR rules. You don't find original photography of Rhino poo on Instapundit, do you?
And finally, Alert Reader Nancy hooks us up with another video: a sort of "translation" of an Indian pop song. The poop angle is tangential, but its well worth a look.


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