Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bacon Juggernaut

The people of spoken, and they want bacon!

In what can only be described as a slaughter, bacon easily outpolled the rest of the field by a 2 to 1 margin, garnering a whopping 58% of the vote. The next closest contestant was Fred Thompson who only managed 9 votes (13%) from some of KAR's more humorless readers.

Oh, and the 3 people who voted for Huckleberry - er, Huckabee? Come over here so I can bitch slap you.

I think what the results of this poll illustrate - other than bacon's formidable chances of winning the election - is the power of a KAR endorsement. Before we picked bacon to be our endorsee, nobody considered it a contender. Now, it pulls over four times the votes of its next closest competitor. Can Sean Penn claim such influence?

In a word, no.

Also, in an announcement that suggests that bacon is drawing wide bipartisan support, center-left blogger Disco Stoo has come out tentatively in favor of bacon:

Obviously, Kool-Aid Report knows of my propensity to endorse strange things, and is counting on my 5 readers to vote next November. Now, I know it's early, but I am finally excited about a candidate. This may be premature, but I'm ready to endorse for President, unless a terrible running mate is chosen, of course. [Bacon]

Disco Stoo's concern about who will be bacon's running mate is one that has been echoed by others in the various comment threads here. And I think it's a legitimate concern. Therefore, the KAR editorial board has held another meeting, and we are prepared to announce our endorsement for bacon's running mate...


[And the gathered citizens of KAR-Nation shout "Yay!"]

Better hop on the baconwagon while you can!

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