Thursday, December 13, 2007

Behaving badly

I'll admit, I didn't vote during the latest round of school levies. It wasn't because I didn't care, though; more like a combination of being conflicted and the fact that my kids aren't old enough to attend school. I thought I'd be adding to the noise instead of the signal, so I decided to sit it out.

Clearly I didn't need to worry about adding to the noise. Lately our free local paper -- always in the bag for the school district and teachers' union, but never more so than the weeks before and after the vote -- has written about practically nothing but the fallout from the no vote, and they have been about as objective about it as Foot is about Iron Maiden and poop jokes.

I could do a Moron Mail every day from the letters they print, but given that it's the free weekly it would be sort of a minor league version of that heralded franchise, so I've left it alone. But this week's bit of outrageous nonsense comes not from some random yahoo with internet access and a loose sense of grammar, but from 281's superintendent, Stan "Daddy" Mack, talking about the planned closing of a couple of schools:

"This is coming about because adults behaved badly [by not supporting the referendum] and children will pay the price."

No, you sanctimonious prick, this is coming about because the district went for a Cadillac levy in a Saturn town. Instead of just making up the difference caused by the loss of state aid, you went for more, and when you encountered resistance you threatened worst-case scenarios instead of treating us like grownups. Overall, you all acted like school bullies, which would be ironic if it wasn't so stupid.

In other words, your district behaved badly, Mr. Mack, and your tone-deafness allowed the "shadowy" Vote No group to steamroll your sorry asses in the election. Even your toadies in the Strib and the local free paper couldn't gin up enough fear of the Evil Anti-levy Consultant to make a dent. Doesn't any of that tell you anything?

Nah, probably not. Just proves that all us troglodytes hate public education and want our kids to grow up dumb, right?

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