Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dumpster and DFL Cameraman Failure At GOP State Central

Seems Eva Young took time away from her anonymous Wikipedia edits to stalk Rep. Michelle Bachmann at the GOP State Central Meeting last Saturday. But her stalking was cut short. Eyewitness AAA of Rezidjuall Fourses reports:

There was a rather funny moment when Eva Young was pointed out to organizers. A couple of people were concerned with her simply being there to further try to denigrate Rep. Bachmann’s character and record had to request the Party spokester to remove her and a man with the video camera.

That man as it turns out is a guy I met on the campaign trail last year. Nice guy and all, but he works for the DFL. Thankfully, someone made a point to get this DFLer out of this private MNGOP meeting. (Oh, too sweet when i learned who was responsible for this. Way to be on top of it D.)

No State Central reports at her Dumpster blog, so Eva's timely boot prevented another pathetic stalker post and video. We at KAR are happy to declare another massive:

And, a tip of the Kool Aid Pitcher to "D"-- you're da bacon!

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