Thursday, December 06, 2007

Foreign Moron Mail

When Fark points you to a moron mail, well, you best follow the link son:

Religious intolerance of homosexuals is rife, no matter how it is masked, as in a minister’s recent letter to the editor. Having sung in a local church choir for years and my “closet” coming-out accepted by the entire congregation, I wonder if he would welcome me into his fold knowing that I am bisectional.

ALAN D. BONER, Danville

You know, this may be impolitic, or even just downright hateful. But I would be less than honest with myself, and you - the good citizens of KARNation - if I just didn't come out and say it: I think bisectionals are a scourge upon or society. Whether they wish to engage in oral sectional relations or anal sectional relations, such a lifestyle of risky sectional behavior poses a public health threat. I have no tolerance for bisectionals and believe that anyone that is divided into two or more parts ought to be ostracized from society; perhaps banished to a bisectional colony.

Bisectionals' intolerance for us heterosectionals is rife, no matter how well it is masked, as in this moron mail. You turn your back on them for a moment, and they will try to sectionalize you before you've even realized what has happened.

Then of course, you would need sectional healing.

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